Om Swastyastu
Meditation does not mean sitting cross-legged (in Padmasana) with eyes closed in contemplation of God. This is physical, worldly activity. No doubt, this is needed, but true meditation lies in unifying the mind with God.

Just as milk and water cannot be separated, likewise, the mind, once merged with God, cannot be separated. Likewise, your love should become one with Divine love.

Some people contemplate on God for a limited period in the morning and evening. This cannot be called meditation. You must contemplate on God at all times, at all places and under all circumstances. Perform all tasks with your mind firmly fixed on God. That is true meditation.

Thinking of God for a limited period is only part-time devotion. Part-time devotion entitles you to only part-time grace. You should have full-time devotion in order to attain grace in full measure.

Om Santih Santih Santih Om

Written & Posted by : IW.Sudarma