Dear all
Divinity expresses itself infinitely as the five elements – the sky, the wind, the fire, the water and the earth. All creation is but a combination of two or more of these in varying proportions. The characteristic nature of these elements are sound, touch, form, taste and smell, cognized by the ear, the skin, the eye, the tongue and the nose.

All the elements are abundant in Nature and are precious and potent with Divinity. So use them in moderation, reverentially, with humility and gratefulness.

Excessive or inappropriate usage will injure your well-being just as drinking more or less water than needed is a torture. Inhaling more air is suffocating. Fire in moderation can warm or serve to heat and melt, but beyond a certain limit, it is a holocaust. Even excessive use of sound will distract people and drive them crazy. Hence, learn to use the natural resources intelligently, in moderation, with the idea of loving service to all in the community. Manggalamastu

By: Sudarma