Dear all
This is an ancient observation true even today – that most people spend their childhood in pranks and play, their youth in sports, pleasure and pastime, middle age in plans and schemes to pile up a fortune, and old age in hospitals trying to bolster failing health through failing wealth.

Earning and spending, one fills their time with work and worry. People are busy with a number of attempts to earn happiness, but success is little and short-lived.

The only panacea for all ills, the effort that will result in total victory is the control of the mind, which is the master of the senses.

Every sense organ is an outlet for energy that binds one to the objective world. The senses are induced by the mind to move out and attach themselves to objects.

We must make the mind submit to viveka (wisdom), which discriminates between right and wrong. Then the mind, instead of harming, will help us. Manggalamastu

By: IW. Sudarma (Jro Mangku Danu)