Om Swastyastu

Foolishness, egoism and sheer ignorance are the root-causes of misery. The eye, the ear and the tongue lead people to anger and malice, instead of making them the messengers of peace and harmony. Intellect is the root of pride and envy.

Lord Vishnu is called Lord Jagannatha at Puri. Lord Shiva is Vishweshwara, the Lord of Universe at Kashi. Vishnu is Gopal (protector of cows) and Shiva is Pashupathi (master of cows).

Where is the room for rivalry between those who worship Shiva and Vishnu? Still the innate urge to fight comes up in the heart of people and they use the Names of the Lord as excuses for provoking the fights they relish.

Stay away from these instincts.

Om Santih Santih Santih Om