Om Swastyastu

In the dark night, the Moon can be seen through its own light only. The Lord is all Love, so He can be seen only through Love. He is Sathyam and Nithyam (Truth and Eternal), and is beyond all falsehood (Mithya).

When the dust settles upon the glass of the lantern, it dims its light. Attachment to sensual objects and to the pleasure they give (Vyamoha) is the soot that dims the light of love in our heart.

Remove the delusion and the fact that we have become old or diseased, or that we are weak and debilitated. Do not count the years and grieve over advancing age and shudder like cowards afraid of death. Remember, despondency is hell, elation is heaven. Have always some work to do and do it so well that it grants our joy!

Om Santih Santih Santih Om