Om Swastyastu
How can we make sure that the mind does not get lost in the multiplicity the senses perceive?

When the One manifests as Nature composed of the five Elements, do not imagine that its value is affected thereby. When a rupee is changed into ten paise coins, its value is not decreased at all. So too, see the Nature as the Supreme One with many manifestations, not as multiplicity of sense-impressions and attractions.

Wherever our eye turns, whatever our ears hear, our fingers touch, our tongue tastes, our nose smells… take all to be God-filled. Do not allow mere sound, taste, etc. to captivate our senses. Practice to see the Divine, welcome and accept only such thoughts and feelings and discard the others.

Sage Tukaram was once asked how can people keep this monkey-mind controlled from running after sensuous pleasures, the Sage advised, “Let the monkey mind run, you keep the body with you, do not let it go after the mind”. He encouraged, “Tell the mind, I shall not give you the body as your servant. Then the mind will desist and it can be defeated.”

Om Santih Santih Santih Om
By: Sudarma