Sisya: “Guru, Why is the Ramayana still important and relevant for us?”

Guru: Dear all-The Rama principle (Tattva) is laden with many subtle secrets. The Rama history is of exemplary excellence ethically, spiritually and materially as well. Rama was the embodiment of the four cardinal principles: truth, righteousness, love, and peace.

The history of Rama teaches us how one should live in the world and conduct himself in the family as well as in society. It also teaches us how one should retain one’s individuality and shape one’s personality.

Only when we shape ourselves into a strong personality can we conduct ourselves ideally in the family and in society. He also enshrined in Himself the principles of equanimity, unity and bliss.

This principle of bliss is latent in every human heart. Understand and internalize that each and every one of you have a right to realise and enjoy this principle of bliss, which is the real Rama Tattva.

By: IW Sudarma