Om Swastyastu
Peace is a state of mind that is very much within one’s own self. It emanates from one’s heart. There is reaction, resound, and reflection for everything in the world.

Only when there is hatred in you will you see hatred in others. At times, even if no one causes harm to you, you try to hurt others. Whatever you do to others, you will definitely experience the result of that action, and whatever you hear or experience is all due to the reaction, reflection, and resound of your own actions and feelings; others are not responsible for it. You forget this simple truth and lament, “so and so is accusing me or causing pain to me or hurting me” and so on.

Many a times you tend to fight and hurt others. From today onwards, always help others, never hurt anyone. Follow your conscience, it will help you to manifest noble qualities.

Om Santih Santih Santih Om
By: Sudarma