Born As Human Being & Be A Spiritual Aspirant

Sisya: “Guru, Why are we so fortunate to be born as human beings and be a spiritual aspirant?”

Guru: “Dear all-Human beings are the only species that can recognize greatness and revere the glorious. Use that capacity, discriminate and get the maximum benefit out of it, in this birth. Be convinced and have firm faith that the Truth will set you free and will protect you. Just as there are two wires, the positive and the negative which are brought together to produce light, so too the Supreme Self (Paramatma) and the spiritual aspirant (Sadhaka) have to meet in Yoga, to receive illumination!

So gladly go to the holy places and keep company with the holy and the pious. A magnet attracts pure iron, similarly a sincere aspirant is attracted to only such things that will grant them Joy and Courage.

Namaste _/|\_ IW Sudarma