Dear all
Sisya: “Guru, What is the best way to draw large installments of Grace as returns?”

Guru: “Unless you deposit an amount in the Bank, how will the Bank honour a cheque you issue? So too, ask yourself: ‘Have I deposited enough devotion to the Lord, service to my fellow-beings and faith in my spiritual practices?’ If you do, then you will most certainly draw the Grace of the God”

Always remember and be sure that you will get as much Grace, in proportion to your perseverance to attain the Lord.

The Supreme Divine has and will yield many benefits to you, that you cannot deny. God will  bless you that you may grow more and more in devotion to the Lord, in whatever Name and Form you choose and He wish you earn His Grace to a very large extent.

Namaste _/I\_ I Wayan Sudarma