Dear Brothers & Sisters In Love

Both ignorance and knowledge are hidden in the mystery of God. Ignorance passes away, and knowledge is immortal; but God encompasses both.

God is the root and flower of every living being. He laid out the field of life in which every being grows and flourishes. He created the powers of creation. Just as the radiance of the sun shines everywhere, so the glory of the God shines on all that he has made.

God makes all living being blossom and bear fruit. He gives all living being their fragrance and their colour. He alone rules the world. He is the supreme Creator, to which every sacred text bears witness.

We live under the spell of pleasure and pain; we desire pleasure, and fear pain. We imagine that we control our destiny; yet we wander aimlessly from birth to birth, driven by desire and fear. If we turn inwards to seek the soul, it seems no bigger than the breadht of a hair.

The soul is neither male nor female, nor is it neuter; it takes the gender of the body it inhabits. The soul is born again and again, in body after body; and the desires and fears of each body are the concequences of actions in former lives.

But when a person comes to know the soul in all its greatness and beauty, then there is freedom


Taken from: Svetasvatara Upanishad 5.1-11,15

Write by: I Wayan Sudarma